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In this present time, problems of depression or anxiety are much common among the people. To compete with this mental illness is yet another difficult task to do. This anxiety or depression condition should be solved out as soon as possible, if not then it tends to be a disaster for you. People who are suffering from anxiety disorders, continuously confronted by different fears, different negative thoughts, and sometimes it will make the person suicidal. There are different anti-depressants drugs available in the market. These drugs can reduce the intensity of panic attacks and can help one to cope up with anxiety conditions. Today, in this article we will discuss about that one drug that will be helpful for the people to reduce the rate of anxiety attacks.

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The drug that we will be discussed further has the brand name of Xanax. The drug name is Alprazolam. This drug is also available by different generic r brand names. This is a psychiatric drug, usually prescribed to the patients who have the complaint of anxiety or panic attacks. Alprazolam is mostly prescribed in the United States. The thing that makes it more useful for people is that it is more convenient for people. It can be found in different forms. You can take it in the tablet form. It is also available in liquid form. Alprazolam is authentic as it is proved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). Different tablets may produce an extended-release effect over the Central Nervous system. This drug has a direct effect on the brain and certain nerves.

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Every medicine should be used as per the suggestion of your physician or pharmacist. Secondly, the person should be aware of all the side effects that will create by its usage. It is necessary to consult a physician or a pharmacist before taking any such medicine because the health professional will set your dosage form according to your age, weight and yes most importantly according to the intensity or level of your disorder. It should be taken with water or you can mix it with some semi-solid food and have it.


As discussed above, this medicine is to overcome the challenges and problems of depression and anxiety. It can help one out in many ways. The most unfavorable condition is panic attacks. These panic attacks are associated with anxiety disorders. This condition happens when there is an imbalance in the hormones and neurotransmitters.


Every advantage is associated with a disadvantage on the other hand. The side effects of anti-depressants are so many. It gives your muscles and brain relaxation. This relaxed condition will keep you drowsy and you will not able to proceed with your daily life operations. It is very difficult to stop this medicine as your brain becomes addicted to it and it can reduce the performance of GABA receptors also.

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